Wheeled Mobility

Miko Tilt-in-Space Mobility Base

Starting at $2,576.30

Play, engage, and participate on the go with the Miko pediatric mobility chair. Available in 3 fun colors, and 2 sizes, the Miko offers a sporty frame, stylish flexi seating, and superb positioning support for children with limited mobility.


Tilt in Space

Tilting the chair offers proven pressure relief by redistributing the pressure of the child’s back, shifting it away from posterior locations.

Reversible Seat Position with Quick-Lok

Our patented technology allows the seat to be easily moved from forward to backward position. Quick Lok release allows for ease of transport.

Postural Support

With tilt-in-space and recline features, the Miko with Flexi can be adjusted to multiple angles, making sitting for a long period more comfortable for the child. Arm rests are adjustable and removable.

Enhanced, Complex-Style Seating Design

Includes adjustable width and depth cushions and adjustability at no extra charge.

Transit Brackets

Included standard on each model. The Miko is Safety tested for transportation.

Locking Swivel Casters

Locking pin on caster easily switches from swivel to non-swivel.

Canopy & Under Seat Carrier

Included standard on each model.


Weight Capacity66 lb (30 kg)
Overall Length41.5"
Overall Height41"
Overall Width28"
Folded Length33"
Folded Height17"
Product Weight20 lb
Flexi SeatingWCF-2000
Back Height13" - 19"
Trunk Width8" - 11"
Hip Width10" - 14"
Seat Depth11" - 15"
Seat to Floor Height (90°)21"
Tilt Angle-5 to 40°
Seat to Back Angle0° - 180°
Footrest Height8" - 15"


Miko All Terrain Kit

WCM-2000-2GAT: $395

Must be installed by the manufacturer. 16″ rear wheel, base in black only.

Oxygen Tank Holder

WCM-A9002: $295

Mike Upper Extremity Support Tray

WCM-A1601/WCM-A2601: $399

Poziform Contoured Chest Harness

PCH-340XS/PCH-340S: $145

Miko Canopy Deluxe

WCM-A1800/WCM-A2800: $299

Miko Rain Cover

WCM-A9003: $100

Poziform Padded Pelvic Belt

PPB-300SRXS/PPB-300SRM: $65

Poziform Ankle Positioners, Hook and Loop

PAP-100XS/PAP-100S/PAP-100M: $130

Ankle circumference: XS:5″-7″, S:6″-7.5″, M: 7″-9″

Poziform Ankle Positioners, Side Release

PAP-200XS/PAP-200S/PAP-200M: $130

Ankle circumference: XS:5″-7″, S:6″-7.5″, M: 7”-9″

Poziform Toe Straps, Hook and Loop

PTS-100: $30

1″ x 23″

Poziform Toe Straps, D Ring

PTS-200: $30

1″ x 23″

Poziform Slip-on Pad


Package of 2.

Flexi Seating System


Features: solid adjustable seating system in breathable mesh; contoured I-back cushion with recline; anti-thrust seat cushion; adjustable headrest, armrests, footbox, hip and trunk supports.

Medial Thigh Support

WCF-A1600/ACF-A2600: $$279

Vent Tray

WCM-A2901: $$450