Contour Wrap- Around Bath Support

Starting at $707.01

Made of Medical Grade PVC, the Contour Wrap-Around Back Support is a great option for a small child with mild positioning needs, whether bathing or just simply sitting on the floor. Padded and available in two options, Lo-Back and Hi-Back, both include a harness for additional trunk support (Lo-Back = 2 point harness, Hi-Back= 4 point harness).




Bacterial and fungal resistant ComfortMesh seat cover and Medical Grade PVC combine to provide a great long term solution for daily bathing or floor sitting at home.


Compact design allows for easy storage and convenience for travel.


Product WeightWeight CapacityOverall DepthSeat DepthSeat Width OverallSeat Width InsideBack Width at Top InsideBack Width at Bottom InsideBack Height Range
Lo-Back Bath Support Small5.5 lbs.N/A29"14.5"18"15"7"7"9" - 14"
Lo-Back Bath Support Medium6.5 lbs.N/A29"14.5"18"15"11"11"10" - 14"
Lo-Back Bath Support Large7.75 lbs.N/A29"14.5"18"15"13"13"11" - 16"
Hi-Back Bath Support Small9.5 lbs.N/A29"14.5"18"15"7"12"17" - 22"
Hi-Back Bath Support Medium9.75 lbs.N/A29"14.5"18"15"8"12"19" - 24"


Pelvic Support Belt

BCWZ-A7830: $77

Helps to insure proper pelvic angle when in the seated position and additional assistance to keep the child secure in the chair.