Seating & Positioning

First Class School Chair

Starting at $526.72

The First Class school chair is designed to facilitate good seating posture while in the home, at therapy or in the classroom. The First Class Chair will grow with your child as legs are height adjustable; the seat is also depth adjustable. Includes flip back, height adjustable armrests and pelvic belt.

First Class School ChairFirst Class School Chair



Adjustable in height and flip back

Pelvic Belt

Adjustable seat belt helps maintain proper hip position

Depth Adjustable

Adjustable depth accommodates growth or multiple users



FC 8000N: $178

Height, depth, and angle adjustable for proper fit


FC 2028 / FC 4028: $132

Flip up footplate with heel loops

Mobility Base

FC 2029N / FC 4029N: $175

Enables the chair to become mobile with wheels.


FC 2030N / FC 4030N: $48

Prevents chair from tipping, provides stability


FC 2024 / FC 4024: $134

Easily attaches to chair armrest, is height adjustable and easy to clean!

Hip Guides

FC 8027N: $109

Adjustable hip guides for added positioning

Push Handle, Pr.

FC 8001: $127

Support Kit

FC 8025N / FC 8025LN: $305

Accessory bundle kit that includes: trunk harness, lateral trunk supports, and abductor support. Comes in small and large sizes.