The Trotter pediatric mobility chair offers parents and caregivers a lightweight, foldable alternative to heavier wheelchair-style mobility bases. Available in three fun colors, the new generation Trotter features padded seat & back upholstery, and can easily grow with your child with an adjustable seat depth. The Trotter also features an Adjustable Tension Positioning™ (ATP™) versatile back support system for improved posture, comfort and positioning. Canopy & Under Seat Carrier now included as standard.

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Trotter pediatric mobility chair.


Crash Tested Frame

Provides added safety when used for transport in a vehicle

Standard upholstery

Jet Fighter Blue, Fire Truck Red, Punch Buggy Pink

Adjustable back angles

85°, 90°, and 95°

Positioning Safety Belt and Harness

The five point harness provides additional support for safety and positioning

Swing-away Footrest

Tool free height adjustment


Weight Capacity75 lb100 lb170 lb250 lb
Weight Capacity for Transit75 lb100 lb165 lb165 lb
Back Height24"24"24"24"
Seat Depth (add 3" with seat rail extension)9"-13"10" - 14"11"-15"12"-16"
Seat-to-Back Angle80º-95º80º-95º80º-95º80º-95º
Seat Angle20º20º20º20º
Seat Width12"14"16"18"
Seat-to-Footplate Height (leg length)4"-20"4"-20"4"-20"4"-20"
Seat-to-Floor Height at 90º (rear/front)19"/22"19"/22"19"/22"19"/22"
Push Handle Height41.5"41.5"41.5"41.5"
Folded Height16"16.5"17"17.5"
Overall/Folded Length45"45"45"45"
Overall Width (outside rear wheels)20.5"22.5"24.5"26.5"
Product Weight33 lb34 lb35 lb36 lb


Headrest extension (4 sizes, 3 colors)

TR-A1201-2GBK, TR-A1401-2GBK, TR-A1601-2GBK, TR-A1801-2GBK: $128.55

Provides additional back height, providing additional safety during transport

Angle adjustable footplates (2 sizes)

TR-A7100S, TR-A7100L: $187.46

Provides customized foot positioning for improved sitting posture


TR29S-A7200: $80.34

For added safety and stability

Contoured headwings

TR-A8022: $171.40

Adjustable headwings for lateral head positioning and support

Medical necessity storage bag

TR 8023: $67.49

Zippered bag perfect to hold essential items

Upper Extremity Support

TR 8024: $233.53

Easy-to-clean, perfect for feeding, and interactive play

Poziform Full Torso Vest

TR 8025: $232.46

Adjustable vest enables user maintain proper posture and alignment

Bus Transit Tie Downs

TR 8029: $148.90

Tie down brackets for use in vehicle transport

Poziform Lateral Support and Scoli Strap

TR-A8027: $144.62

Provides lateral torso support

Ankle positioners (4 sizes)

PAP-200XS, PAP-200S, PAP-200M, PAP-200L, PAP-200XL: $139.26

Nylon Poziform ankle positioners come with all necessary hardware.

Calf Panel

PCP-280S, PCP-280M, PCP-280L: $91.05

Soft padded nylon.

Buckle Guard

WCZ-A2095: $53.03

Plastic cover to eliminate ability for child or young adult to engage the release button of the five point harness.