The Nimbo Posterior Walker provides users with needed support for better ambulation. The Nimbo is lightweight, height adjustable, and folds for transport. The 5″ front and rear wheels are soft rubber wheels that can grip any surface and will not slide backward. The rear wheels can be set to forward rolling only for those with limited ambulation ability. Smooth texture handgrip increases comfort while using the walker.

Also available with a fold down seat installed (Item #’s KA1200S-2GCR, KA2200S-2GCR, KA3200S-2GCR, KA4200S-2GCR, KA5200S-2GEB, KA1200S-2GKB, KA2200S-2GKB, KA3200S-2GKB, KA4200S-2GKB, KA1200S-2GWP, KA2200S-2GWP, KA3200S-2GWP, KA4200S-2GWP) for those who need rest breaks during ambulation.

Colors available for both styles of Nimbo walkers are: Castle Red, Knight Blue, Wizard Purple. Extra Large size available in Emperor Black only.

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Nimbo video

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Nimbo Posterior Walker.


Override Bracket

One-directional override bracket allows for forward only or forward and reverse mobility.

Folds Easily

Folds easily for transport and storage

Front Caster Swivel Lock

Easily lock rotation of front casters or allow free rotation


Handle HeightWeight CapacityWidth Inside HandlesOutside Dimensions (open at base)Product WeightProduct Weight with Seat
Extra Small15.5" - 19.5"75 lbs.13.5"24" (W) x 20" (D)9 lbs.16 lbs.
Small19" - 25"85 lbs.13.5"24" (W) x 27" (D)10 lbs.18 lbs.
Medium23" - 30.5"150 lbs.15"26" (W) x 31" (D)13 lbs.20 lbs.
Large28" - 36"190 lbs.16.5"26.5" (W) x 34" (D)14 lbs.21 lbs.
Extra Large36" - 41"250 lbs.17.75"29" (W) x 37" (D)16 lbs.37 lbs.


Front Wheels

KA 8100: $124

Large size front wheel option for outdoor use

Dial A Speed Tabs

KA 1400: $124

Allows for variable resistance on rear wheels to control walker speed

Bumper Guards

KA 8000: $38

Rubber guards protect front of walker and walls from damage

Pelvic Stabilizer

KA 1050: $115

Provides added stability to pelvis for better ambulation. Width adjustable and includes pelvic belt.

Soft Seat Harness

CE 1070x: $151.80

Properly positions pelvis and moves with the natural gait pattern of the user. Harness is adjustable.

Forearm Platform

KA 1035 FPx: $217.80-238

Highly adjustable for proper arm support. Height, depth and angle adjustable.