Walking Aid

Moxie GT Gait Trainer

Starting at $1,013.38

The Moxie GT Gait Trainer offers a tremendous amount of versatility to aid children or adults with stability while they improve their walking ability. The Moxie GT is a height adjustable gait trainer available in 3 different sizes. The Moxie GT can be used in either a posterior or anterior position. All Moxie accessories install and adjust without tools. The small and medium Moxie GT are available in either green or blue frame colors. The large size is available in a grey frame color.

Magic GreenWarrior BlueMagic GreenSword Gray


Height Adjustable

Height can be adjusted in 1″ increments

Four Function Casters

Incorporate wheel locks, swivel locks, one directional control, and adjustable drag control

Anterior or Posterior Position

Can be set-up to best fit the needs of the user


Handle HeightWeight CapacityWidth Inside HandlesOutside Dimensions (at base)Product Weight
Small15" - 18.5"75 lbs.12.5"23" (W) x 33" (L)22 lbs.
Medium22" - 25.5"150 lbs.16.5"26.5" (W) x 33" (L)26 lbs.
Large29" - 39"200 lbs.18"28" (W) x 38" (L)32 lbs.


Hand Loop

TK 1010: $93.50

Can be used as a pair or single, provides stability, tool-free mounting

Guide Bar

TK 1020: $132

Allows caregiver or therapist to assist in gait training, rotates 180°.


TK 1045: $104.50

Height adjustable and can be mounted in a variety of positions

Ankle Prompts

GT1060 S/M/L: $165-198

Prevents scissoring of legs; Ideal for users with spasticity, poor motor control, ataxia and excessive adduction.

Hip Positioner

TK 1070 S/L: $484-566.50

Positions hip for proper positioning; straps are adjustable, padded for comfort and removable

Seat Harness

CE 1070S/L: $151.50

Properly positions pelvis and moves with the natural gait pattern of the user. Harness is adjustable.

Forearm Platform

TK 1035 S/L: $467.50-539

Highly adjustable for proper arm support. Height, depth and angle adjustable.

Thigh Prompt

TK 1090 S/L: $390.50-467.50

Limits abduction/adduction; moves with natural gait pattern. Height adjustable.

Trunk Support

TK 1080 S/M/L: $539-610.50

Cushioned support to align trunk or pelvis; height, depth and angle adjustable. Opens for easier transfers.