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Spirit & Spirit Plus Car Seats

The Spirit Car Seat offers parents of a special needs child or young adult, the everyday safety of a traditional car seat combined with optimal levels of clinical support to assist with positioning needs. A memory foam back support and seating area, create a comfortable seating environment. The Spirit accommodates a wide weight range of weights (25-130 lbs.) and heights (up to 5’6″), allowing growth of a child or young adult to occur without having to purchase another car seat.

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IPS Car Seat

The IPS Car Seat offers a lighter and narrower alternative to our Spirit Car Seat. Designed to accommodate children with mild positioning needs, the IPS offers the safety of an everyday car seat while providing a higher level of postural support than a traditional car seat.

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Spirit Spica Car Seat

The Spirit Spica Car Seat offers a low and wide side profile, designed to accommodate a spica cast. Padded upholstery is wipe-able. The Spirit Spica includes positioning wedges for multiple seating configurations, and option seat depth extenders and back cushions.

Available in Stealth Black Only

IPS Car Seat Available Colors

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Below are the types of vehicle seat belt retractors. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual to determine the kind of retractors used in your vehicle and how to operate them. ELR – Emergency Locking Retractor: Allows the belt to be freely extended or rewound. It locks only when the vehicle slows, changes direction or stops suddenly.

ALR – Automatic Locking Retractor: Allows belt to be pulled in one motion until fastened, then operates as a ratchet, winding in slack, preventing further extension (until completely rewound). In most belts, you will hear a faint clicking sound that indicates the belt is locked and ratcheting in.

Switchable – Manually adjustable from ELR mode to ALR mode. For most, pull belt webbing all the way out of the retractor to activate the ALR mode. A slight “click” may be heard, but the belt will ratchet into retractor once switched into ALR mode. In some models, the retractors switch from ELR to ALR by pushing a button.

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The tightness of the installation should ensure that there is no more than 1-inch of movement of the child restraint. If there is more than 1-inch of movement, then the installation is incorrect and must be redone.

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For occupants over 80 lb. (36 kg), BOTH tether hooks must be used. Each hook must be attached to a separate tether anchor. A single tether anchor is not strong enough to support weights in excess of 80 lb. (36 kg).

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Inspired by Drive child restraints must ONLY be used in forward-facing vehicle seats. Do not place a child in a child restraint in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger air bag unless the air bag is turned off. DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY can occur.

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The correct height for the chest retainer clip is at the middle of the chest, level with the armpit. The chest retainer clip keeps the shoulder straps of the harness from sliding down off the shoulders.