The Trotter pediatric stroller offers parents or caregivers a lightweight, foldable alternative to heavier wheelchair style mobility bases. The stroller can easily grow with your child with an adjustable seat depth. The stroller has 8″ front casters and 10″ rear wheels with wheel locks.

The five point harness with soft padded reversible covers provide additional support and security. The swing-away footrests are height adjustable and can be removed for transfers or transport.

SilverCoral RoseJet Fighter BlueSilver


Crash Tested Frame

Provides added safety when used for transport in a vehicle

Positioning Safety Belt and Harness

The five point harness provides additional support for safety and positioning

Swing-away Footrest

Tool free height adjustment


Product Seat DimensionsProduct Back HeightProduct Seat-to-FootplateProduct Seat-to-FloorProduct WeightProduct Weight CapacityProduct Weight Capacity Used in Transit
12" Chair11.75"W x 11.5"-13.5"D20"8"-22"22"19 lbs.75 lbs.75 lbs.
14" Chair13.75"W x 13"-15"D23"9"-22"22"21 lbs.100 lbs.100 lbs.
16" Chair15.5"W x 13.5"-15.5"D24"10"-22.5"22"24.5 lbs.170 lbs.130 lbs.
18" Chair17.5"W x 15"-17"D25"11"-23"22.5"30 lbs.250 lbs.130 lbs.


Optional Colored Upholstery

TR xxSB-x: $98

Blue or rose color upholstery available

Headrest extension

TR 8021: $80

Provides additional back height, providing additional safety during transport

Utility Bag

TR 8023: $63

Zippered bag perfect to hold essential items

Full Torso Vest

TR 8025: $217

Adjustable vest enables user maintain proper posture and alignment


TR 8026: $190

Stroller canopy for sun and rain protection

Upper Extremity Support

TR 8024: $218

Easy-to-clean, perfect for feeding, and interactive play

Bus Transit Tie Downs

TR 8029: $139

Tie down brackets for use in vehicle transport

Foot and Ankle Positioner

TR 8028: $119

Safely positions and support feet on footplates

Padded Headrest Wings

TR 8022: $161

Adjustable headrest wing for lateral head positioning and support

Lateral Support and Scoli Strap

TR 8027: $137

Provides lateral torso support

Seat Rail Extension Kit

TR 8031: $58

Adds 3″ of additional seat depth