AquaLift Bath System

Starting at $3,717.69

The Aqua Bath Lifter provides assistance with getting in and out of the tub. It features great functionality, including a reclining back and a battery operated lift mechanism. Its compact size also makes it easy to store. Additionally the Aqualift Bath Lifter System is designed to allow for postural support for those that have an advanced need (see accessories).

AquaLift Bath SystemAquaLift Bath System8106, 8107 AquaLift HiBack


Battery Powered

Powered by a low voltage 14.4v “Smart” re-chargeable battery which features a safety mechanism that prevents the chair from lowering into the tub, when there isn’t enough charge to raise it back out of the tub.


Max weight capacity of 300 lbs., high-grade plastic materials, and suction cups that attach to the tub base to ensure there is no slippage combine to make this both a stable and safe option.

Easy to Operate

An easy to operate remote control, allows for a simple push of a button to activate submerging into and lifting out of the tub along with triggering various back recline options.


Product WeightWeight CapacitySeat WidthSeat Width with Side FlapsSeat DepthSeat Height RangeBack HeightFolded DimensionsBack Support HeightBack Support Inside Back Width at TopBack Support Inside Back Width at Bottom
Base Unit21.25 lbs.300 lbs.14.5"28"18"2" - 16"30"15"W x 28"L x 7.8"H---
Base w/ Medium Lo-Back Wrap-Around Padded Support26.25 lbs.-------8"11"11"
Base w/ Large Lo-Back Wrap-Around Padded Support27.25 lbs.-------10"13"13"
Base w/ Medium Hi-Back Wrap-Around Padded Support28.25 lbs.-------16"7"12"
Base w/ Large Hi-Back Wrap-Around Padded Support29.25 lbs.-------18"8"12"

Battery Specification: 14.4V DC nominal, 7A max
Lifts Per Full Charge: Approx. 6 lifts with Avg. of 165 lb. User  and Approx. 3 lifts with Max. Weight of 300 lbs.
Recliners: 82° at Highest Position and 57° When at its Lowest Position (Seat Does NOT tilt)


Head Support

BLA-A8112: $247.50

Foam cushion that is added to the chair’s base, provides additional comfort and positioning support for the head.

Lateral Pads

BLA-A8113: $247.50

Foam cushion that is added to the chair’s base, provides enhanced torso positioning.

Swivel and Transfer Aid

BLZ-A8202: $214.50

Designed to function as a transfer aid to the actual bath bench, The Swivel and Transfer Aid, allows for the user to sit on the swivel disk at the edge of the bath and then slide to the actual bath lift.

Lo-Back and Hi-Back Wrap Around Supports

BLA-A8103M/A8104L/A8106M/A8107: $583

Both versions easily attach to the base, are padded which provides additional comfort and the Hi-Back version provides a harness for additional safety.